Land Conservation | Village of Chenequa, Wisconsin
Village of Chenequa Seal: Pine Trees beside Lake with Young Lady
Village of Chenequa

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  • Land Conservation

    Land Conservation

    The Village has been recognized for its commitment to community forestry programming and has received the Tree City Award since 1985 from the Arbor Day Foundation This award is given each year only to those municipalities which promote urban forestry. Forestry respect and education helps to strengthen our communities by conserving our natural resources right in our own backyards and in public spaces. The beauty is there for all to enjoy…even the wildlife. Healthy land conservation promotes healthy wildlife preservation.


    Best Practices and Services

    • Tree Care Advice
      In the event you need assistance with tree or shrub care, the Village Foresters will help you identify and suggest a remedy for your arboreal problems. We also provide informational material on topics ranging from planting suggestions to soil testing.For the new home builder, we provide an information packet and a video copy describing the protection of trees during home construction. In addition, we will meet with the homeowner at the building site to discuss any options. Early planning will prevent the loss of valuable shade trees due to construction activities. 
    • Lawns Green, Lakes Clean Article (PDF)
      Statewide ban on phosphorus lawn fertilizer would benefit lakes
    • Removal of Trees
      A tree will not stand forever, and sometimes they fall across a drive blocking traffic or endangering homes or other major property. Should a tree fall over due to a storm or other causes, the Forestry Department will clear the driveway to allow for passage of emergency vehicles or to prevent significant property damage. Further removal is the responsibility of the owner.
    • Wood Chips Available for Use
      The Forestry Department in its daily operations sometimes generate more wood chips than can be used by the Village. Residents wanting chips are asked to call the Village Hall. Names are placed on a list and deliveries are made as the wood chips become available. NOTE: These wood chips are of a lesser quality than those provided at garden centers or landscape services.

    Bird-friendly Habitat

    Restricted Cutting

    • Lakeshore
      Lakeshore cutting of vegetation is restricted within 75′ of the shoreline (Village Ordinance 6.9 Removal of Shore Cover). Trees, shrubs and other natural vegetation enhance shore aesthetics, promotes wildlife, and filters water run-off. The water quality of any lake is directly affected by its shoreline. The Chenequa shores of Pine, Beaver and North Lake have traditionally resembled northern Wisconsin rather than the more common “house and lawn” look of the surrounding lakes. Please keep our lakes clear and clean by promoting naturalized shorelines.


    • Natural shorelines function to:

    1 Filter nutrients and pollutants from surface runoff before entering the lake.
    2 Stabilize shorelines and upland slopes.
    3 Preserve privacy, screen unsightly view and frame good ones.
    4 Block geese movement from the lake.

    • Roadside
      The wooded hills and tree-lined roads are two of the features that set Chenequa apart form other communities. When the Village was formed, steps were taken to preserve the natural beauty of the area. A system of greenbelts was developed to serve as a naturalized barrier between the residences and the highway, enduring privacy and preserving the rural aesthetics. The area of the greenbelt located within the pubic road right-of-way is protected under the village ordinances against unauthorized cutting and trimming of trees and shrubs (Village Ordinance 3.7 Care of Trees). The benefits of a greenbelt increase with its width, so we ask homeowners to preserve as much natural vegetation as possible and to respect the cutting restrictions along the public roads.


    Invasive Species




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