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Village of Chenequa

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  • Snow Plowing and Salting

    Snow Plow Agreement and Liability Form

    Snow Plow FAQ’s

    The Village offers snow plowing/salting services to all property owners but no property owner is required to use the Village’s services.  Property owners who have specific needs or requirements with respect to snow removal or salting (e.g., timing of snow removal) may desire to have such services provided by persons or entities other than the Village.

    The following services are typically NOT performed by the Village:

    Salting or plowing outbuildings or close to garage doors.

    Clearing sidewalks and walkways.

    The entire width of all driveways.

    Hand shoveling.

    “Clean sweeping” all areas of the driveway.

    Guaranteeing the plowing by a particular time of day.

    The private drives are plowed and salted on an orderly basis after snow/ice storms to provide access for emergency vehicles and police patrol.  This service is not intended to be of the quality that may be available from some commercial services.  Snow removal operations are initiated at the discretion of the Highway Department personnel. Road conditions and the weather forecast determine when and how to begin.

    Property owners are required to sign and return the Snow Plow Agreement and Liability Form along with one hundred dollars per drive in order to receive the service.  Failure to do so will result in the removal of your address from the Village list for snow plowing and sanding services.

    In addition, certain requirements must be met to aid in snow removal and prevent damage to equipment. Roads and driveways not in compliance cannot be plowed.  Once the snow/ice storm has concluded, please allow eight hours or more for village staff  to plow and salt all Village roads and driveways.

    The Requirements Are:

    1. Mark the edge of the drive and any obstacles that become hidden under a blanket of snow with reflectors or stakes. Plow widths vary from 8 feet – 10 feet. All drives need to be marked to allow passage of the plow.

    2. Trim brush and trees from the edge of your drive as well as overhead. Make enough room not only for the larger snowplows, but also to provide space to push back expanding snow banks.

    3. Eliminate grading hazards such as pot holes, rutted or worn out road base.

    4. Park cars in areas that won’t hamper snow removal operations.

    Many of the drives (old and new) were designed with our winter weather as an “after thought”. A truck cannot maneuver in a small area as well as a car, especially with a plow attached. Remember that snow plow limitations often mean results that fall short of resident expectations.

    The Village Highway / Forestry Department uses 100% salt.  Due to the expense and limited storage facilities, the salt is applied only to the hills, turns and intersections.

    You can assist yourself if you place sand/salt barrels in strategic locations. Plastic garbage cans with covers work best and will be filled with a sand/salt mix upon request for your winter driving convenience.


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    OFFICE HOURS:  Monday • Thursday 8:00am to 4:30pm  •  Friday 8:00 am to 3:00 pm

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