Elections | Village of Chenequa, Wisconsin
Village of Chenequa Seal: Pine Trees beside Lake with Young Lady
Village of Chenequa

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    Chenequa Sign Near Village Hall, Photo copyright Jack MacDonough

    Upcoming Elections:

    April 2, 2024  Spring Election and Presidential Preference

    August 13, 2024  Partisan Primary Election

    November 5, 2024  Fall Presidential Election


    Local Election Office and Polling Place:  

    Village of Chenequa Village Hall

    31275 W County Road K

    Chenequa, WI  53029


    Please call (262) 367-2239 with any questions pertaining to these elections.

    How to Register to Vote in Wisconsin

    Wisconsin offers online voter registration.  You can register by mail to vote in Wisconsin by printing a voter registration form, filling it out, and mailing it to your local election office.  You can also register to vote in person if you prefer.

    Who Can Vote

    To Register in Wisconsin you must:

    • Be a citizen of the United States.
    • Be a resident of Wisconsin and have resided at the registration address for at least 28 days prior to the election.
    • Be 18 years old.
    • Not have been convicted of treason, felony or bribery, or if you have, your civil rights have been restored after completion of your sentence or pardon.
    • Not have been found by a court to be incapable of understanding the objective of the electoral process.
    • Not make or benefit from a bet or wage depending on the result of an election.
    • Not have voted at any other location, if registering on election day.

    Online Voter Registration

    • Wisconsin offers online voter registration.
    • You should know: you need a Wisconsin driver’s license or state ID card to use Wisconsin’s online voter registration system.  The address where you’re registering needs to match the address the DMV has on file for you.  If you don’t have a Wisconsin ID, you can still register by mail or in person to vote.

    By Mail Voter Registration

    Use the Wisconsin voter registration form.

    You can register to vote using the Wisconsin voter registration form.  Be sure to read the instructions carefully and fill it out completely.  Send the completed form to your local election office.

    In-Person Voter Registration

    You can also register to vote in person.  Stop by the Village Hall anytime during normal business hours with your driver’s license and proof of residence document.

    All proof of residence documents must contain voter’s current name and address.

    • A WI Driver License/ ID Card, if not expired or canceled; may be used even if driving privileges have been revoked.
    • Any other official identification card or license issued by a Wisconsin governmental body or unit.
    • An employee ID card with a photograph, but not a business card.
    • A real property tax bill or receipt for the current year or the year preceding the date of the election.
    • A residential lease (does not count as proof of residence if elector submits form by mail).
    • A picture ID from a university, college or technical college coupled with a fee receipt or an on-campus housing listing provided by the university, college or technical college.
    • A utility bill for the period commencing not earlier than 90 days before the day registration is made.
    • (Homeless voters only) A letter from an organization that provides services to the homeless that identifies the voter and describes the location designated as the person’s residence for voting purposes.
    • A contract/ intake document prepared by a residential care facility indicating that the occupant resides in the facility.
    • A bank/ credit card statement.
    • A paycheck or pay stub.
    • A check or other document issued by a unit of government.

    (Proof of residence documents may be provided in an electronic format).

    Check Your Voter Registration Status

    You can look up your voter registration record and verify that your information is correct using Wisconsin’s voter registration lookup tool.

    Chenequa is in the 11th State Senate District.
    Chenequa is in the 33rd State Assembly District.

    The Village of Chenequa has only one Ward, Ward 1.



    VILLAGE OF CHENEQUA  •  31275 W County Road K  •  CHENEQUA WI 53029

    OFFICE HOURS:  Monday • Thursday 8:00am to 4:30pm  •  Friday 8:00 am to 3:00 pm

    VILLAGE HALL  (262) 367-2239  •  Fax (262) 367-3341  •  POLICE DEPARTMENT  911 or (262) 367-2145

    AFTER HOURS POLICE  911 or (262) 446-5070 (WCC Dispatch Center)