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Village of Chenequa

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  • Wakeboating Guidelines

    The Lake Management Committee proposes 10 voluntary guidelines for wakeboating on Pine Lake. These would be distributed via PLYC, Windword, PLSS, Chenequa boating education classes, Village website and posted at the landing with a depth and weed map (attached).  Additional recommendation of survey/boat log of boat type by officer on duty at landing Thursday to Sun to assess off-lake wakeboat pressure. This will help focus educational efforts on residents and off- lake wakeboats.
    1. Deep water runs only in greater than 20 feet of water. Stay out of all shallow bays.  Surf, board and empty ballast in deep water only so as to not disturb sediment.
    2. You must be 200 feet from shore, pier or moored boat.
    3. When passing between shore and the island stay in the middle on either side.
    4. Stay as far away from piers as you can, turn your wake away from closest piers.
    5. Stay out of all weed beds. Slow-no-wake if you must land through a weed bed.
    6. Maintain full visibility ahead with help of a spotter if need be re swimmers, kayakers and SUPs.
    7. When the lake is busy, wait your turn. Spaced sequential runs are better than parallel runs to       avoid  wave addition or amplification impacting our shoreline. Common boating courtesy should prevail.
    8. Respect our sailors: avoid all sailboats, sailing classes, sailboat races and regattas in session.       Sailboats have right-of-way.
    9. Keep your music volume down.
    10. All State of WI/Chenequa boating ordinances apply to you and will be enforced.

    Wakeboating Guidelines and Map

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