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Village of Chenequa

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  • Village of Chenequa Snow Plow – FAQ’s

    1. What are the Village of Chenequa’s snow plowing responsibilities?

    The Village of Chenequa Highway/Forestry Department provides snow plowing services for:

    • Nearly 200 private driveways and several more shared driveways.
    • 23 Private/public roads.
    • 2 Public boat launches.
    • 2 Public parking lots for the Village Hall and Highway/Forestry Building.
    1. How much snow accumulation is needed for driveways to be plowed?
    • As a general rule of thumb, all driveways will be plowed any time there is 2” or more snow accumulation. Exceptionally steep driveways will be plowed even if there is less than 2” of snow accumulation to facilitate reasonable vehicle access.  Public and private roads are plowed any time there is any measurable snow or ice accumulation.
    1. How soon after a snowfall does plowing begin?
    • Plowing of private driveways will begin immediately after snowfall subsides. While the snow is still falling, we prioritize keeping public and private roads open and navigable. As time allows, we will also try to make passes through especially steep driveways during a snowstorm as a courtesy in an attempt to maintain vehicle access to the home.
    1. How long does plowing take to complete?
    • Once the snowfall subsides, it generally takes up to 8 hours to complete the plowing of private driveways.
    1. Do you salt private driveways?
    • We only salt steep hills on private driveways. On private roads and shared driveways, we will salt hills, curves, and intersections. Homeowners may request that we do not salt their driveway, in which case we will try to accommodate as long as it is safe for us to do so.  We do everything we can to limit the amount of salt used while still allowing safe vehicle passage.  Limiting salt usage is crucial for both fiscal and environmental responsibility.
    1. Do you shovel private driveways/sidewalks?
    • The Village does not offer any shoveling services for private residences.
    1. Will you plow access to accessory structures?
    • The primary purpose of our plow service is to allow homeowners and emergency vehicles safe access to primary dwellings throughout the winter. We do not offer plow services for accessory structures.
    1. Will you plow driveways of homes under construction?
    • We are unable to offer plow services for homes under construction due to increased construction traffic, parked vehicles, unpredictable driveway conditions, and construction debris often left in/near the driveway. Generally, once a home is granted occupancy by the building inspector, plow services can begin.
    1. What should I do as a homeowner to prepare my driveway for winter?

    Before the first snowfall, all homeowners should:

    • Clearly mark out their driveway with plow markers.
    • Make sure the driveway is clear of overgrown brush or other objects near the driveway edges.
    • Ensure there are a few open areas for us to pile the snow as it accumulates throughout the winter.
    1. What can I do as a homeowner during a snowstorm to help ensure the best snow removal?

    During a snowstorm, we are able to do a much better job of snow plowing your driveway if:

    • All vehicles are cleared from the areas you want to have plowed.
    • Snow is shoveled away from structures, towards the center of the driveway before plows arrive.
    • Pets and children should be kept indoors when plow trucks start and through the duration of the snow plowing process.

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